1969 Cessna 172K

The ultimate flight trainer! The Cessna 172 is the most produced aircraft of all time, for good reason! Our Cessna 172K is maintained to the highest standards. All required inspections are kept up to date and the aircraft maintains full commercial insurance.


  • Lycoming O-320-E2D Engine 150 HP
  • Fully modern “six pack” instrumentation
  • Avionics include GPS, dual COM radios and single NAV radio
  • Four seats, friends and family are welcome to ride along!
  • The most produced aircraft of all time. Seriously, it’s that good!
  • Rate: $130/Hr. Wet (includes fuel)

1948 Cessna 170

A true classic. They don’t make them like they used to, yet even in 1948 Cessna had it figured out! Extremely stable, safe, with harmonious control authority the Cessna 170 flies like a dream. This well behaved taildragger is available for Tailwheel, Primary, Back Country / Bush, and Mountainous Flight Training (Dual instruction only)



  • Continental O-300 Engine 145HP
  • 8.50×6 Tires for Back Country Capability
  • Docile Ground handling
  • Excellent rudder authority (Makes for very fun forward slips!)
  • One of only ~200 flying Cessna 170s with a fabric wing.
  • Rate: $130/Hr. Wet (Includes Fuel)